This is our tougher version ready for long range transportations on the most heavy duty environment. Ready for “just work missions” with the systems visible for repairs or replacements that can be needed in the future and the basics of comfort.

The boat can be fitted with Inboard either shaft or sterndrives and outboard. With a well proven planning hull and a slide bow that cuts throw any wave. The tubes inflatable or foam filled give the boat the extra buoyancy to keep the crew and the transported goods afloat in any condition.

This version of the hull can be transported on a soft trailer with deflated tubes without the need of special transport requirements.

Length Overall 12.30 m
Length On Waterline10.80 m
Beam Overall2.85 m
Operational Draft (DIW with engines vertical)0.65 m
Highest Fixed Point Above Waterline1.60 m
Highest Point When on Trailer (mast down)2.70 m
Crew Capacity (wheelhouse seats)2
Passenger Capacity (sitting on benches)12
Seating Total12
Start BatteryOn request
Service BatteryOn request
Fuel Tank CapacityLong range
Propulsion MachineryOn request
PropellorsOn request
Boat Weight (fully outfitted, no crew)From 5500 kg
Boat maximum weight (fully outfitted, two crew, full fuel)10000 kg