The SRC800 is a special design of Sar-ribs and specially built
for heavy duty purposes. It’s a 8m long rib with a useful small sleeper cabin.

The boat is easy to transport on a trailer. The bow has a sharp shaped design,
that makes it different than the typical rib and easier to cut trough big waves.

It has a steering wheel in the cabin and at the aft of the cabin outside.

Length Overall 8,30 m
Length On Waterline7,30 m
Beam Overall2,45 m
Operational Draft (DIW with engines vertical)0,9 m
Highest Fixed Point Above Waterline2,3 m
Highest Point When on Trailer (mast down)3,2 m
Crew Capacity (wheelhouse seats)2
Passenger Capacity (sitting on benches)2
Seating Total4
Start Battery4 x AGM Batt 79 Ah
Service Battery2 x AGM Batt 79 Ah
Fuel Tank Capacity800 litres
Propulsion Machinery1 x Volvo D6 400HP
GearBoxVolvo Z-Drive
Boat Weight (fully outfitted, no crew)3300 kg
Boat Maximum weight (fully outfitted, two crew, full fuel)10000 kg